I have never seen it snow, but I want to. Every single snowflake, as unique as our fingerprint. Just imagine them falling down, slowly but firmly, one after one in a steady pace. Putting both of your bare hands out in the air, catching the snowflakes and feeling them melt away in your palm. Snow is like peace, it is as pure as an angel stepping into the sunlight and as white as one too. Snowflakes are pieces of magic. How can every single one be different but still as beautiful as the rest? I wonder that but at the same time I figure that there might be a logical explanation, there always is. The truth is, I do not want to know it. I will always see snow as something extraordinary and beautiful. Every flake is precious and I wish we treated each other the same way. Are we not snowflakes in every sense you can imagine? Unique, special and absolutely beautiful? Maybe one day we will see the magic that not only exists in the snowflakes but also in us. Every single one of us is different from the rest, and every single one of us deserves a place in this world just like snowflakes that are falling towards the ground.


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